I am always looking for new projects to get involved in. Whether it’s playing on, producing, mixing, recording, or all of the above, I am always open to hearing about new music. Please reach out and tell me more about your project, and we can discuss rates and schedules. you can email nathanrossturner@gmail.com or use the form below!

Production, Recording and Mixing

     Whether you are looking to create your first album or your first demo I can help you get there. I have recorded, mixed, and produced dozens of projects over the last 13 years. I started as an intern at Fader Mountain Studios and quickly became the house engineer at Monarch Studios where I worked with and learned from some of the best producers in Vancouver. I now operate a destination studio in Parson, BC. We have room and board available while you create your music in the scenic Columbia Valley, surrounded by forests and mountains while over looking the wetlands. You can check out www.sloughstudios.com/about to learn more, we are currently set up in the main building. Mixing is also available remotely, you send me your multi-tracks and I send you back a finished mix!

Remote Session Work

    I can play on your tracks remotely!

    I can add tracks to projects anywhere in the world, I am setup and ready to record acoustic or electric instruments. My specialties include acoustic and electric guitars of all kinds, fingerstyle guitar, and bass. I have a range of guitars, amps, effects and mics to tailor the sound you’re going for. If you don’t really know what you want, we can talk about the process!

     You can see my full list of credits below and check out the playlist featuring music I've worked on.

Selected Credits 

Nathan Turner - Quiet and The Kelp

Nathan Turner - Nocturne For The Salty Moon EP 
Author/Composer/Producer/Vocals/Guitar/Recording/Mix Engineer 

Chaya Harvey - Born in Spring 
Mixing Engineer 

Ole Man Kidd - Wild Rag 
Bass/Recording/Mix Engineer 

Logan and Nathan – The Happening 
Author/Composer/Producer/Recording/Mix Engineer/Vocals Guitar/Bass/Keys 

Tell Adeline - This Scene Is Clockwise 
Recording Engineer 

Rupert Common – Veganese Folk-hop Vol. 2 Producer/Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer 

The Honey Tongues – Self Titled 
Author/Composer/Bassist/Vocals/Producer/ Recording/Mix Engineer 

Logan and Nathan – Chasing Tales 
Author/Composer/Guitar/Bass/Vocals/Producer/ Recording/Mix Engineer 

Red Haven – Funhouse Mirror 
Author/Composer/Double Bass/Vocals 

Red Haven – Big Machine single 

Red Haven – Vilified 
Author/Composer/Bass/Vocals/Producer/Recording Engineer 

Red Haven – EP 
Author/Composer/Double Bass/Vocals 

Nathan Turner – EP 

• The Honey Tongues – Live at Monarch Studios 
Author/Composer/Double Bass/Vocals 

• Logan and Nathan – Kittens EP 
Author/Composer/Guitar/Bass/Vocals/Producer/ Recording/Mix Engineer 

• Anni M Fables - Space (Luck) Sphere 
Bass/Guitar/Recording Engineer 

• Logan Thackray – Four Legs EP 
Guitar/Bass/Drums/Producer/Arranger/Engineer/ Mix Engineer 

• Said The Whale – Little Mountain 
Assistant Engineer 

• The Zolas – Swooner 
Recording Engineer 

• The Zolas – Wino Oracle EP 
Recording Engineer 

• La Gusana Ciega – Monarca 
Assistant Engineer 

• Elaine Ryan – Sunset and Twilights 
Assistant Engineer 

• Their There – Familiar Skin 
Assistant Engineer 

• The Eerie Green – Let the Light Shine On 
Producer/Recording/Mix Engineer 

• The Eerie Green – Self Titled EP 
Producer/Recording/Mix Engineer